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Condor Funding


Lawsuit Advances are available to individuals who have pending cases that may or may not be settled. These advances are available for most lawsuits that will settle for $20,000 or more. There are no out of pocket expenses required, and no fees are due until the case settles. There are also no monthly payments to worry about. If the case is lost, you owe nothing, as these are non-recourse funds.  Lawsuit Funding is allowed in most states.


Condor Funding provides several types of lawsuit funding, including pre settlement funding and post settlement funding, on many types of lawsuits. Whether it be a Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Auto and Boat Accidents, 3rd Party Workers Compensation cases, (in most states), Wrongful Death, Commercial Litigation, Appeals Funding, Discrimination, Product Liability, Qui-Tam (Whistle Blower), and Pharmaceutical Cases. We also provide Attorney and Law Firm Funding, from $10,000 and up, which is available on a recourse and non-recourse basis.


We can also help you with settled cases that have not yet been paid. If the settlement payment is due to arrive in several weeks or possibly even months, an advance on that settlement may be possible. Contact us for information. We have no minimum or maximum funding requirements, and always provide a quick turnaround when the necessary documents are available. Call us for fast action.


Law Firm Loans/Attorney Loans work as a lifesaver to contingency fee law firms.  Law Firms typically have fees and awards that cause uneven Cash Flows throughout the Year.  The Attorney Loan Program is designed to fill in these Gaps and Low Fund periods so that Office Salaries, Rent, Advertising and other typical Business Expenses are met.

There are numerous types of funding available to help the one person Law Firm and the larger multiple Lawyer Firms that all have Low Cash Months and need an infusion of Cash on occasion.  Funds can be used for a host of Business related costs and expenses……these costs may be expensed to specific cases if the monies are used for specific case expenses such as Expert Witnesses.  We see that Law Firms are provided with Custom Legal Financing Solutions.


Cases that have settled and the client is receiving a periodic payments, or a structured settlement, may be eligible for a full or partial purchase and the client receives their cash now instead of waiting for years. Things change over time and what seemed like a good idea to receive periodic payments may now be outdated and the cash is needed today, not years from now.  Call us to see if we can help you. This is available for Attorney’s receiving periodic payments on settled cases also.

Pension Purchasing